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If there are kids around, now’s a good time to load them up with Roblox on the iPad at a decent volume.

Smiling Dick is a mens sexual health campaign aimed at curbing premature ejaculation thanks to specialised training with the Prolong device.


We sure were, and so were thousands of Aussie men and their now happy partners.



In what was truly a bucket-list opportunity, we worked with London Stock Exchange listed company InnovaDerma to launch the Prolong Climax Control Training Program in the U.S and Australia, alongside Smiling Dick — a new platform to pioneer a more positive movement in men’s sexual health.

We developed a global marketing campaign including strategy, public relations, creative and roll-out, as well as end-to-end brand and platform development.

The launch comes as new research finds one in three Australian men (35 per cent) believe they’re affected by PE, with almost 1 in 10 (8 per cent) saying this happens ‘all the time’. The research further revealed the stigma around sexual wellbeing issues like PE is rife, with 42 per cent of males saying they’ve felt embarrassed or a sense of shame over how long they last, with this perceived lack of stamina impacting both the relationships and mental wellbeing of those affected.

Prolong’s mission is to tackle this stigma head on with — a new platform designed to provide a fresh perspective on men’s sexual health. Via a range of content providing information and tips delivered through a positive, progressive, and inclusive lens, the platform aims to promote a more open dialogue and normalise discussions around men’s sexual health and issues like early ejaculation.

A launch film introduces Smiling Dick and the Prolong program, with Australian comedian Paul Verhoeven fronting the video as ‘Richard’ — the embodiment of the penis. The platform — — hosts a range of written and video content, as well as an ecommerce functionality for the Prolong program. The Smiling Dick motif appears across all brand assets, with the eggplant representing the penis and acting as a vehicle for the brand to skirt around stringent advertising restrictions when it comes to sexual health products.

Do yourself (and your sexual partner/s) a favour, and clock the vid.