Print + Brochure: General Motors (Holden Special Vehicles)

The all new GM HSV E Series is a serious contender when matched against European models, and this campaign championed this position with a theme based around ‘leading’. A high-end booklet was created for aspiring customers to show them, and the world, that the three new E Series models had arrived in all their 300+ kilowatt glory. Now they could not only match European marques for style and performance, but for the first time, give them a serious run for their money.

From prototype designs to factory tours and test drives, I was charged with creating the voice of the brand for every aspect of this performance machine and worked closely with the engineers, brand team and GM management to make this campaign a success.

The campaign helped fuel demand to the tune of a six month waiting list prior to launch.

Holden Special Vehicles – HSV
Creative Direction, Copy